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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 3, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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that. thank you. >> bye-bye. >> that does it for us. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. great to have you with us. send you to washington now and much more news and latest on the travel alert. the travel alert. have a good day. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> shannon: breaking news. travel alert. state department warns warns in europe to be on alert for a terror attack. live coverage from rome to washington straight ahead. countdown to november 30. we'll crunch numbers to see which way the balance of power may tip. and tomorrow is day one on the bench for supreme court justice elena kagan. as the court begins its new term. we will take a look at the controversies headed to the high court and explain why the new justice may send a lot of time on the sidelines. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. we begin with a fox news alert. be vigilant. that is the message to americans traveling in europe. just hours ago, the state
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department issued a travel alert. warning of a potential terrorist attack by al-qaeda and others. steve centanni is following all the latest developments in washington. he has the latest. hi, steve. >> reporter: hi, shannon. state department travel warnings even for countries in europe are fairly common. this one is unusual because it's so sweeping and covers all of europe. now the state department says al-qaeda and its affiliates continue to plan terror attacks. the warning says u.s. citizens are reminded of the potential for terrorists to attack public transportation system and other tourist infrastructure. they attacked subway and rail system and aviation and maritime services. and from the white house this morning, statement saying the president has been following the threat information on a daily basis. and was informed on this travel alert throughout. from the day we became aware of the latest plot, the president made it clear we need to do everything possible to disrupt this plot and
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protect the american people. that from a spokesman at the white house. now, german pakistani man now being held in bagram is the source of much of the information about the european attack. he named targets like the eiffel tower and notre dame cathedral in paris, and various targets in berlin, including a train station and a five-star hotel. an attack like the one in mumbai is thought to be one likely scenario. in that siege, you will remember a handful of gunmen with hand grenades and powerful weapons struck tourist locations in the coastal city of mumbai. this travel warning unlike a british warning for france and germany does not mention any specific cities. triggering this criticism. >> i'm struck that the state department advisory is either too much or too little. if they can't be more specific, then i think it risks devaluing the very process by which these travel advisories are issued.
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>> reporter: authorities are urging americans traveling the europe to register the travel plans on the state department website. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much, steve. nato says two of the soldiers have been killed in weekend attacks in afghanistan. one died today in a battle with insurgents in the north. the other was killed by a bomb yesterday in the south. no other details were available. this has been the deadliest year for international troops in the nine-year conflict. many nato countries are now facing rising calls to start drawing down their troops and doing it quickly. the travel alert for europe comes after a series of drone attacks by nato forces against suspected militants in pakistani territory. tensions are high in the region as a threat of a terror attack appears to be growing and key supply lines are in jeopardy. volck former ambassador joins us and thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> shannon: talk about the drone attack. they have been loaning drones
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for attacks in pakistan. how well are they working? and the strategy. >> it's good to go after the seni senior leadership. but the cost is the less support to pakistan. we saw a disruption to the pipeline as a result of that. a difficult balance. if you can't get pakistan to do it itself do we take it on? but if you do it in their territory and structure a bigger plan, that's a problem as well. >> shannon: last year, president obama authored a letter to the president there, saying hey, if you guys aren't going to be very clear about your relationship with the militants, we may be forced to act. is that the situation we're looking at now? >> i think it is. i think we're finding that either because of lack of will or different groups within the pakistani government and military and government services, the lack of capacity, we are still seeing the tribal areas used to attack the forces in afghanistan. with the difficulties that we're facing there, i think the feeling is that we've got to do more to go after these people who are operating out of the tribal areas. >> shannon: you mentioned there could be backlash.
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the pakistani people see our military crossing over or the c.i.a. crossing over to the deadly missions in their land and we're supposed to be some kind of ally. there is a lot of tension there. how does it impact our relationship with them? >> well, they don't like it. they have a government that's weak and unpopular. they have intelligence services with some element sustaining the groups. they want to be able to balance that themselves and u.s. to act in their country in ways that go beyond what they are comfortable with. >> shannon: talk about the supply lines in jeopardy. some closed down and others threatened. those are critical lines to get the supplies to nato troops and other foreign enties that are there within the country. how do we work around that situation? >> we have multiple supply lines. these aren't the only ones. . we have some coming through the north, russia or central asia. there are other supply lines. these are the most important ones. because of the ease that you get from the waters, all the
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way up to afghanistan. it's a long way no matter how you go, but it's important. moreover, it's not just supply lines, it's also the cooperation of the pakistani authorities and trying to go after the extremist groups. if we go too far, they may shut down. instead, what we have to do is get as much cooperation from the pakistanis as possible. >> shannon: not always an easy task. thank you very much. >> thank you. fox news is america's news headquarters with 30 days to go to the crucial midterms we have live team coverage of two big debates. in california, the candidate for governor face off in a heated debate last night. casey stegall has been checking that out and he is covering it for us in los angeles. kentucky, mike tobin standing by with rand paul and jack conway taking place in the first national debate on "fox news sunday" today. kick it off in california. >> reporter: the housekeeper-gate issue called by some was the white elephant
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in the room, as it pertains to the allegations that came to light this week. it did not take long for the whole issue to be brought up. this debate, itself, sponsored by the spanish language network univisiounivision. the allegations that meg whitman had illegal immigrant as a housekeeper and then ignored a letter from the social security administration in 2003 alerting a possible problem. whitman says she does not recall getting that letter. even accused her opponent democrat jerry brown of digging the issue up as a last-ditch smear campaign. >> you know what? i took accountability. we hired someone who i thought was here legally. she was not. we unformerly had to let her go. what would you have had me do? call the attorney general's office to have her deported? what would you have had me do other than what we did? my husband and i played by the rules and the fact your campaign two weeks ago was
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talking about the issue, the fact that you are joined at the hip with gloria allred. it was a political stunt. >> don't run for governor if you can't stand up on your two feet and say i made a mistake, i'm sorry. let's go on from here. you have blamed her, blamed me, blame the left, but you don't take accountability. >> reporter: it's still too early to tell how it could effect whitman's campaign. will it blow over or will it be her demise? it has been a pretty fight race so far. the latest real clear politics average put brown ahead by only a few points. to counter, whitman increased her campaign ad targeting latino voters by 50% this week. keep in mind, 20% of registered voter ins the state are latino. the question is will it alienate whitman in that community and cause her campaign to fall apart as we enter the final stretch of the crucial campaign? shannon? >> shannon: we'll keep an eye on it. thank you for the report. now from california to
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kentucky, mike tobin is in louisville, where the debate between senate candidates jack conway and rand paul rap wrapped up a short time ago. >> reporter: following the debate, much of the attention has been drawn to comments about rand paul where he said the eligibility age for social security benefits needs to be raised as more and more baby boomers reach retirement age. >> are you going to raise the retirement age? >> there may be for younger people, yes. for younger people, longevity is out there. the average life expectancy in the '30s is 65. >> we talked about the higher deductible or higher premiums? >> not for those on social security -- >> talking about those under 55. >> ey, you have to have social security changes for younger people. >> reporter: paul spent most of the time on the offensive, linking conway to obama policies. but conway spent much of the debate explaining and defending that. >> the stimulus, third of it
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went to tax cuts. no one talks about it. a third of it went to keep jobs of police and firefighters. a third supposedly went to shovel-ready projects where the administration hasn't done a good job. i would haven't voted for the bail-out. there weren't enough accountability in them. there were not enough accountability in them. we had people getting bonuses after getting the bail-outs. >> reporter: as they have throughout the campaign, paul emphasized national issue that seem to strike a chord with kentucky voters. conway attempted to keep it local. back to you. >> shannon: mike tobin with the latest in louisville. thank you, mike. check out the full debate between rand paul and jack conway on "fox news sunday." it airs at 2:00 and 6:00 eastern on the fox news channel. tea party energized and polarized the republican party. if primaries this year, 17 tea party candidates defeated their opponents, many backed by the g.o.p. establishment. when the dust settles after the election, can the groups bridge their divide? joining us to talk about that
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and more is jenny thomas, founder of great to have you here today. >> thank you for having me, shannon. >> shannon: first, talk about what is the divide? where are the issues and where is the gap between the entities? >> establishment political class that hasn't caught on that there is a big citizen movement out there coming from the grassroots up. it's a big revolution. it's a big rumble. it will have a big impact. we have seen it at every ballot box since january. >> shannon: we have seen there has been support that has come forward for the candidates that have done well on their own. they're now the republican nominee. do you think we will see more backing? is it going to be tentative until elections are over? >> it's hard to tell. all of this is happening at a very local level, state-by-state. some state republican parties are being more welcoming to the new people than others. but i think there is going to be a great marriage and there will be a lot more constitutionally inclined candidates or people in congress in january.
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>> shannon: do you think that there has been too much hype about the fact that some within the g.o.p. establishment are miffed or in some way are upset they're not calling all the shots in some of the races? >> i think the establishment is a little surprised at what is going on, on both sides. i think the democrats are in disarray and republicans are learning to get along with new people. it will work out. there is a tea party movement growing that is republican, democrat, independent and non-political out there. >> shannon: there is already a tea party caucus coming together officially on the house side. do you think they will keep a little separation from the establishment g.o.p.? or do you think they will sort of meld together based on who ends up here in november? >> you know, honestly, based on what happens with the congress before they left where they didn't take care of the tax issue, the tea party numbers are going to swell. so we are trying to build a big petition, at liberty against tax hikes.
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in january the numbers will swell and that is part of what will make the election turnout so important. and then who comes in january will be very much tied to the citizen outrage out there. >> shannon: i want to ask about the petition.'s first big ad campaign. what is it about and what are you asking people to do? >> in january it will be the biggest tax hike we have ever had in our country. up employment is so high right now. the very worst policy is to raise taxes in a recession. to pick winners and losers from washington. so our goal is to try to rally as many people across the spectrum, across the tax hikes right now so we can be very clear and very focussed on the election and what needs to happen when we get in office. >> shannon: you mention the tea party has been gathering steam. people are getting involved and they want to b b active in the government and have a say in it, but i want your reaction to the big event that was supposed to be held in las
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vegas, tea party unity convention. it's been canceled. does it mean anything about the status of how the tea party group is doing? >> there is a disconnect. when the grassroots does things, sometimes they're not as sophisticated and organized as those in the establishment class. so, you just have to be a little patient with them. i think sometimes their events come off a little rocky, but that doesn't mean that the people aren't genuine and passionate out there. so i wouldn't worry about it. >> shannon: "passionate" right word. we see how it carries out throw the november election. >> thank you for your time. >> shannon: new video from tehran today where iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad called for u.s. leaders to be buried in response to military attack against the nuclear program. ahmadinejad also once again questioned who is behind the 9/11 attacks and said they actually gave washington a reason to try to dominant the mideas mideast. floodwaters are finally
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receding in windsor, north carolina, where they declared a state of emergency. check out pictures. 10 inches of rain left 80% of the business district under water. yes, that is a buffalo. they were from the zoo. they were trying to find another place to go. a lot of folks could only get around town by boat. the zoo animals had to get out and scramble for higher ground. a lot more rain on the way again for the northeast. meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking it. >> the buffalo are in better shape this week. this is a future cast. we will look at it in the next couple of days. there is a storm that will rotate and continue to pull in the northeast and bring rain for four or five days across the areas of the northeast, to pennsylvania, back toward west virginia. we're already seeing some of that rain. we have a little area across the great lake, and the culprit is developed.
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north carolina will be fine. nobody is dealing with a deluge, and that is good news. but gloomy for midatlanta and northeast. we will see the scattered showers off and on for the next four or five days. areas of colorado and maybe to idaho. the one problem is you might see thunderstorms without the rain. that could cause for a few fires to be sparked across the area. here is your temperatures as you are waking up right now, maybe you are sleeping in late. 51 all you've got in minneapolis. much cooler air pulled in behind the storm. last week we had so many people breaking records and temperatures and now eastern two-third of the country has cooled down. even toward the southeast, barely getting to around 70 in places like atlanta and memphis. out across the west, though, still warm. the temps are around 15 to 25 degrees above averages. that will change this week. the temps will drop as the
12:17 pm
system begins to pull in. shannon? >> shannon: it's fall. thank you very much, rick. >> you bet. coming up, a potential new lead in the 1996 jonbenet ramsey murder case. we're going to tell you who investigators want to talk to. plus, tax debate in washington state has the wealthy fuming and they are threatening to pick up and leave. >> this is classic class warfare. they are just going to tax the evil stinking rich. >> shannon: but the richest man in america and washington state resident bill gate says it's the right thing to do. we'll report, and you decide. right after this break. [ female announcer ] there's a new way to let go of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. introducing one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. new one a day menopause formula. everything is better with swanson broth in it,
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>> shannon: a vigil the plan at rutgers university after a suicide. a moment of silence was held for clementi before the university homecoming game yesterday. his parents issued a statement saying they hope their tragedy will bring call for compassion. his roommate and another student have been charged -- [inaudible ] it's a big week at the supreme court. tomorrow marks the beginning of a new term. and the first day on the bench for new justice elena kagan. today, many of the justices attended the 57th annual red
12:21 pm
mass at st. matthews cathedral. it's celebrated the sunday before the court's term begins. coming up on to america's news headquarters we will talk to tom dupree who will give us preview of the major cases and controversies we can expect this term. as congress debates whether or not to extend the bush era tax cuts nationwide, voters in washington state will weigh in on a similar issue in november. dan springer has that story. >> reporter: the puget sound in washington state is home to more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in the nation. in november, the voters will decide if the state should finally have income tax. but only for the wealthy. venture capitalist matt mcelwayne says it will cost jobs. >> every day i talk to people who says i will leave if this passes. not just the individuals and companies, business owners and people who will make the
12:22 pm
decision that washington state is not good for business. >> a couple's income for $250,000 would be taxed and the money going to education and healthcare. lined up against initiative is founder and the microsoft ceo steve ballmer. blogger david goldstein who argues the state current system allows the rich off easy has zero sympathy. >> for jeff bezos and steve ballmer, that is a roundinger error. what is the difference between $13 billion and $13.1 billion. >> reporter: the world's richest man supports the tax. his father is the spokesman for it. >> vote yet. >> reporter: but the talk radio shows are lit up by the middle class listeners who don't trust the government to spend money wisely or keep the promise only rich will be
12:23 pm
taxed. >> it's classic class warfare, they'll tax the evil stinking rich. >> reporter: a poll found 79% opposed. many's profit would be taxed as personal incomes. patty carlisle who runs a small business says it's only fair. >> if i made that much money i'd pay the tax. that doesn't bother me. it's my responsibility if i made that much money. >> reporter: some of the money would go to reduce property and business taxes for others but charities are concerned. because donations would not be tax deductible and the top 2% of wage earners account for 50% of the region charitable giving. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. >> shannon: 15 years ago today, o.j. simpson was found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife nicole simpson and her friend ronald goldman. the suit that simpson wore that day is on display at a museum in washington with other artifacts from the trial.
12:24 pm
coming up, we will tell you about a submarine problem that navy is scrambling to fix. also, three men shot and ki killed and taliban militants are suspected. we tell you how it's a factor of the drone strike after this break.
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>> shannon: a fox news alert. a few hours ago, the state department issued travel alert.
12:27 pm
security is tight across the continent as government guard against terror attacks. we have more from rome with the latest. >> reporter: the alert is aimed at american travelers, that is the main thing. the other people obviously clearly watching this are security forces and the anti-terror team in european countries. now france is mentioned by name, not in the american report but by a british alert also issued today. france for historical reasons has a large immigrant population. has been on guard for years now, but of course, it also has a very large number of tourists coming. something that makes it more of a possible target in this kind of alert. germany also on alert, germany was mentioned in that british warning. not the american one, but the british one. since 9/11, the big terror attacks have been in other places. precisely london and madrid. but other countries do not want to take a chance. here in italy, things seem to be going on as normal here.
12:28 pm
lovely start of october. the tourism season is still very high here. clearly people have heard about it. and are watching, but at least in terms of the police presence, they don't want to make too much of a uniform presence to scare people off in any way. which is clearly one of the things that can happen when the alerts do go on. finally, shannon, the state department alert was very short on specifics. mentioned no specific countries by name. it did, however, mention as you say, rail transport, maritime, the kind of things trains, people going to in heavily watched tourist places where a lot of tourists are traveling. i don't think it's that people are saying don't travel, it's perhaps you don't want to take the train, the subway. you want to take a cab. shannon? >> shannon: be careful, greg. thank you. well, taliban militants may be to blame for murders of three men whose body were found near the side of the road in pakistan. julie kirtz is standing by with that and other top
12:29 pm
stories. >> the three men were found dead near the border and it's believed to be retaliation for recent drone strikes in the area. the strikes killed 16 people in the region and led to an international disagreement over supply lines and anti-terror tactics. tomorrow marks the beginning of the new supreme court term. the justices are set to take on a number of controversial cases, including arizona's immigration law. and the west -- [ inaudible ] is kagan's first day on the bench. iran's president made another statement today questioning who is behind the september 11 attacks. mahmoud ahmadinejad said there were hundreds of unanswered questions concerning september 11. and offered iran help in arresting the perpetrators. ahmadinejad made similar comments in a recent speech to the united nations general assembly in new york. the navy is scrambling to fix an issue on the uss virginia, the submarine recently lost part of its outer shell, which makes it more difficult to
12:30 pm
detect sonar. navy says it's moving aggressively to fix the problems in newer models of the nuclear attacked submarines. back to you. >> shannon: thank you. the murder of jonbenet ramsey is back in the news as police are looking to conduct a whole new round of interviews. jonbenet ramsey's older brother burke has been contacted by authorities but hasn't been interviewed yet. burke was nine years old in 1996 when his sister was found bludgeon and strangled in the family basement. he is now in his early 20s. he is not believed to be a suspect. tomorrow marks the start of a brand new term for the supreme court and the spotlight is on justice elena kagan. she formally took her seat in a ceremony on friday but it turns out she will spend a lot of her first term on the sideline, having to bow out of some of the biggest controversies headed to the high court. to talk about why, we are joined by tom dupree a former top official in the justice department. great to have you here. >> great to be here.
12:31 pm
>> shannon: explain for folks out there, she has been a solicitor general. why it will keep her out of so many cases. >> she will be recused and that means she can't participate in case she was involved when she served in the obama justice department it's a pretty common sense rule. if she has already been a lawyer in case, advocate for one side, she shouldn't switch hats and decide in judgment of the case. >> shannon: that makes sense. if she sends out, we have eight justices. if you end up with a 4-4 vote the lower ruling stays in place and we don't get a sense from the supreme court how it would have decided the issue. >> true. 4-4 is a tie and judgment below is affirmed. if it's an important issue it will likely come up to the supreme court in future years. next year or year after in a case she hasn't recused. eventually it's likely the case would get around to deciding the case, but perhaps not this year. >> shannon: there is an arizona immigration issue. this is not the law that was just passed, 1070 that everyone has been fighting about this year.
12:32 pm
this goes back to an earlier arizona law that penalizes businesses, possibly stripping their business license if they were to have been found to have been hiring illegals. that is a case she will have to sit out. >> exactly right. this is an interesting case and it may be a preview of what the supreme court would do if the year or two from now it gets the larger arizona case. but what is going to be on the court docket this term is question whether a state, arizona can license or regulate businesses that practice in the state that have a business presence in the state by saying you need to take certain steps to make sure the workers are present, lawfully here and elig to believe work in the united states if you want to do business in arizona. >> shannon: she won't rule in on that one but another case on wednesday, one of the first big ones of the term involving west borough baptist church. people are familiar with the fact they demonstrate at soldiers' funerals and they have signs that are inflammatory and very bold. pretty tough language there. they say they got a punishing
12:33 pm
military families and soldiers for sins of the country for some of the things that the u.s. allows to go on. i talked with a father involved in this case. they showed up at his son's funeral and picketed there. he has sued. won at the lower level and lost in lower circuit. it goes to supreme court. >> it this is interesting. every few years you have a case that pushes bound of permissible speech. in the united states everyone has a right to their political opinion but this isn't a case where the church or the church members are writing a book or participating in a political rally. they're disrupting one of the most solemn and sacred rituals of the united states. funeral services for a fallen soldier. that may make the case different than the ordinary political speech case where you have speech in a different context than disruptive context in which it is occurring here. >> shannon: we'll see how far the first amendment stretches on this one. who would be the justice you will watch in the argument wednesday? >> a number of interesting ones. certainly justice kagan would be interesting to watch, of course it is her first term and also she has a background
12:34 pm
in the first amendment. this is one of the areas she studied and has written extensively on it and it's interesting to see how she approaches that case. >> shannon: tom, great to see you. big day starting tomorrow. thank you for the preview. >> thank you. one month before california weigh in on a measure to legalize marijuana for personal use, supporters say getting high is less dangerous than drinking. but opponents fear the drivers will smoke the stuff on the job. claudia cowen has the story. >> reporter: it's bud versus the brew. they donated $10,000 to defeat proposition 19. which would legalize recreational pot for adults. the alcohol trade group says employers would be prevented from drug testing their worker for weed saying it would allow company drivers to offer hundred operating on highways
12:35 pm
every day. those supporting legalization argue getting high is less dangerous than get drunk. the government figures show in 2008 nearly 12,000 people were killed in drunk driving accidents. while smoking pot may impair driving, the federal government doesn't keep stats on how many accidents were caused by stoned drivers. yes on 19 campaign says that is because the number is so small and suggests california beer sellers are really worried about protecting their turf. >> there is a history of alcohol companies putting money against propositions such as ours. it could be that they are concerned for the competition. >> reporter: while the beer distributors deny that is the case, several breweries represented by the trade group are furious. they've been linked with prop 19 opposition. >> you have brew versus brew. you have some of the distributors saying we're against it but some of the independent breweries like sierra nevada saying no, we're
12:36 pm
neutral. let customers decide. >> reporter: voters are split, too. a field poll has the measure passing 49-42% with a 4% margin of error. analysts say the alcohol groups and others opposed to proposition 19 will need to spend more to persuade voters that legalized marijuana will create a greater public safety threat than keeping it illegal. in san francisco, claudia cowen, fox news. >> shannon: california family got a scare when a fuel hose fell from a plane on their house. investigators are trying to figure out how the heavy duty retractable rubber hose became detached from a c-130 hercules saturday morning. nobody was hurt in the accident. funny pages in the paper may look funny next week. they will be in shades of pink to support breast cancer awarene awareness month. more than 50 cartoonist will participate online and in
12:37 pm
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>> shannon: new york gubernatorial candidate carl paladino says it's time to get back to what is important to the voters. he started a firestorm when he suggested his opponent andrew
12:40 pm
cuomo may have had affairs while married. he admitted that he doesn't have proof and this morning he said he is ready to get back to the issues. >> we're done with the gutter stuff that cuomo is playing with. he has been sending surrogates out for a week-and-a-half, two weeks now to bring the campaign down in the gutter. we are talking issues. >> california's gubernatorial candidate meg whitman and jerry brown did not pull any punches last night. they pounded each other in a debate aimed at the latino population. immigration was a hot topic when whitman accusing the democratic rival orchestrating the scandal over her former housekeeper nicky diaz who entered the u.s. illegally. >> jerry, you should be ashamed. you and your surrogates put her deportation at risk. you put her out there. and you should be ashamed for sacrificing nicky diaz on the altar of your political ambitions. >> don't run for governor if you can't stand up on your two feet and say hey, i made a
12:41 pm
mistake. >> shannon: okay. that's not the only governor's race making headlines this election season as november inches closer. several tight contests are drawing voters' attention as candidates trade leads and as you can see, insults. we're joined from election analyst for real clear politics, sean trendy. grade to have you in. >> great to be here. >> shannon: start with the california governor race. we have the revelation about ill -- illegal immigrant working for meg whitman. are we surprised that late in the game that this happened? how will it affect polling numbers? >> we're not surprised something like this happen but we're surprised this particular incident happened. one would think after spending $100 million, meg whitman would have tried to get out in front of this issue, maybe leak it to the press in 2009 when it started to be clear there would be a falling out. how it affects the numbers remains to be seen. whitman needs to win 30% of the hispanic vote in
12:42 pm
california if she is going to win the gubernatorial race. she is trying to make the argument that she didn't really want to do this, but she had to ultimately part ways. jerry brown is questioning her integrity and her judgment. we'll have to wait and see how it plays out at the polls. >> shannon: we can see from the averages you have at real clear politics now he holds a lead a little over three points over her, 45.6% to her 42.4%. all right, let's turn to new york, where it also got a little ugly this week in recent days. carl paladino, the republican who is backed by the tea party in an upset in the primary there. him head to head now with andrew cuomo, a namesake there in new york. we have a couple of polls. the marist poll shows a huge lead for cuomo, 15-point spread in that race. 53% to 38%. i see that at real clear politics you have an average poll that shows it closer. it was a huge gap for a long time. i mean any chance paladino closes this gap and wins? >> there is a chance. in a year like this, where
12:43 pm
people just are recoiling from establishment candidates. paladino comes across as a man of the people. kind of an average joe. this is not likely but if you see a well-known figure like andrew cuomo drift down to t tth the50% range he is finding himself in trouble. >> shannon: how much do you think the personal politics and nastiness in new york may affect voters one way or the other? s>> people normally tune that out but this has been so personal and nasty, on both sides it might cancel itself out. with people say both sides are nasty so let's look at the issue and where people stand. >> shannon: florida, we have businessman billionaire rick scott against alex sink who has been a state office holder there. that one seemed to stay tight. >> it has. for a long time, sink was ahead of scott. the last few weeks scott's number inched up and holds a
12:44 pm
lead in most polls we've seen. scott had to go through a nasty primary against attorney general. we think in the past few weeks he has started to recover from that and firmed up his own base. that is why he is in the lead. i suspect he will stay there until closing days of the race. >> shannon: anything you would advise candidates to do in the closing day if they are under attack? >> you have to anticipate the attacks coming. they should be ready to rebut everything coming their way. >> shannon: never too prepared. sean trendy, great to see you. >> thank you. you know doing your part to help the environment is a worthwhile cause. what if you could be rewarded for your effort? we tell you how going green could pay you back in cash. coming up. [ male announcer ] this is the way most people choose a toothbrush. witho many to choose from it's hard to see the difference. but this is the way most dentists choose a toothbrush. fact is, more dentists brush with an oral-b toothbrush
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>> shannon: top stories we're following on america's news headquarters. the state department is warning americans to be extra vigilant as they travel around europe. it you rememburges americans to aware. it is a step below a travel warning. mahmoud ahmadinejad is calling for u.s. leaders to be buried because of threat of military action against iranian nuclear facilities. he also raised questions about who was behind the september 11 attack. the red mass was held today at st. matthews cathedral in washington. a traditional mass is held before the start of a new term at the supreme court. justices return to the bench tomorrow morning to begin hearing cases. elena kagan's first day on the
12:49 pm
bench for arguments. those are the top stories for now. new crop of energy efficient buildings popping up in unexpected places. once seemed the trend was exclusive to commercial properties. buildings that recently went green include a college frat house at georgia tech and gas stations, fast food restaurant and prison. the big reason for the trend, lower utility cost for alternative heating and cooling sources including solar power. as americans look to save money in the current economic climate. many of us may not realize there are ways to save energy in the home. proposed smart grid power system allows consumers to lower their utility cost. why isn't everyone on board? paul malitore is the senior industry at an electrical manufacturering group. and joins us to explain it. hi, paul. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: what is a smart grid? how does it work? >> what is going to happen is smart grid is going to be like the grid we are looking at today. but we're overlaying
12:50 pm
communications and two-way power post on top of electric grid. what you will do is the fact that the grid can communicate better is you will have better control for utility companies and it will provide more information to consumers so they have more control over the electric usage inside their home. >> shannon: if you are linked to this, could you get an e-mail alert or a message that tells you hey, you are pushing boundaries of the power you are using or something in particular that you are doing to push your bill up? something like that? >> absolutely. we want to push it down to the cell phone. if you think about the way that you interact with the utility company today, they come out and they do a meter reading once a month and you pay the bill. if there is an outage, you might call the power company. but now, the grid will send alerts to the utility company so your interaction with the utility company will completely change and become more frequent. it will be electronic. it will be literally on your desk top or cell phone. >> shannon: how do respond to folks who worry about the big brother aspect of this? they worry the privacy will be
12:51 pm
compromised in some way. or whether they will get in trouble for the usage? s>> as we go through the standardization process for the smart grid, there is a huge team within the smart grid interoperability panel that focuses on this that we are efocussing on the security and make sure the information stays private and secure. >> shannon: is this the kind of thing that you will opt in or if your local government passes mandate you have to opt in to save energy, how would that work? >> many of the programs right now are already opt-in. there is a number of utility companies that have for consumer and for commercial properties. so, many of the -- it's already started. in the future it will bedepend how the regulation goes. some could be mandate bud the better choice is to keep as much as possible to opt-in and accommodate consumer groups
12:52 pm
that aren't as comfortable with the technology. >> shannon: if you do this right and well, there are option tos it will pay you back? >> yes. there is a demand response program out there. if you have a hot summer day and demand for conditioning there are certain programs that will give you a credit if you curb your energy uses in the peak periods. that is called demand response and critical peak management. >> shannon: that is good motivation for folks. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> shannon: good news for anyone facing foreclosure. that paperwork could end up halting foreclosures all across the country. fox business network tracy byrnes has more on news that could shake up the volatile industry. >> reporter: homeowners may have been granted a stay of execution as the housing market continues to slump. for j.p. hor gan chase it's piles of more paperwork. they will freeze foreclosures on 56,000 borrowers in half
12:53 pm
the country. they found defect in mortgage document that made up the bulk of the company mortgage portfolio. not just a problem with j.p. morgan. they report that the defect or errors are an industry wide problem. if other banks follow the j.p. morgan lead, the foreclosures in many part of the country would effectively come to an end. while the process would be moved by the bank it would give thousands of americans more time to plan out the economic future. jp morgan's decision comes after several states asked allied financial to suspend foreclosures relating to paperwork errors. in sworn testimony, employee said he signed off on 10,000 foreclosure processes per month without reviewing any of the underlying paperwork. we're watching your money here at the fox business network. to get to fox business channel this your area go to in new york, tracy byrnes. a travel alert has been issued for americans visiting europe. we will talk to a terrorism
12:54 pm
expert to find out how serious a threat this is. staying in shape is never an easy task but imagine having to work out in space. how they're working to keep astronauts fit when we continue. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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so i've come up with some mnemonic devices to help me learn your nas. hello, a "penny" saved a "penny" earned. oh, that's 'cause fedex ground helps you save money. that'sht, penny. do you know ours? heavens to betsy. dwayne the bathtub. magic wanda. ah! what's mine? uh, you're a dan fool. oh. it's just a device, dan. you c take it personally. yeah, i suppose. [ male announcer ] we uerstand. you need a partner whhelps you save. fedex ground. >> shannon: just getting to the gym to stay in shape can take a lot of work for some but imagine trying to stay fit in zero gravity up in space. nasa is trying to design new equipment to keep astronauts
12:57 pm
fit and trim in orbit. chris gutierrez shows us what they are working on. >> zero and lift-off of space shuttle atlantis. >> veteran spacewalker knows what it is like. >> when you return to earth, the shock of adjusting is really abrupt and you get about an hour of feeling very heavy as if your clothes are literally made of lead. >> and for astronauts who spent months on the national space station the effects are worse. they loss 2% of skeletal bone mass for every month they are there. >> can we twist it to the stied a little bit. >> nasa sigh entities work on new ways to keep them fit reconcile in orbit. >> when you exercise in zero gravity things change. i can't run on a treadmill because i float away. >> engineers have to design
12:58 pm
exercise equipment that takes little o no power and very little space. >> more effective exercise prescriptions and devices. >> nasa even calls on college students to submit their ideas. this device was designed by students at austin community college. it is supposed to mihmic lifting free weights. >> we can punch in 50-pounds through the computer and regulates the pressure in the chamber and it feels like you are lifting 50-pounds. >> as part of the project the the students get to test their equipment on a plane that is is a calls the weightless wonder and i went along for the ride. >> this boeing 747 follows a flight bath which means you climb at a 45-degree angle and the pilots dip the ness and you free fall for roughly 25 seconds and during that 25 seconds everything inside the plane floats.
12:59 pm
is of the here time sufficiene essence. >> you want the least amount of reduced gravity to go ahead and perform your experiment. >> the plane is full of projects from college students across the country. some work, some don't. >> if they come up with something that could be useful we are interested in tacking with them about that -- in talking with them about that nasa would like to send astronauts to mars some day but it would take up to six months to get there. with creative young minds generating new ideas, the sky is the limit. chris gutierrez, fox news. >> shannon: travel over in europe, security measures increased and the state department urging americans to be vigilant. live team coverage continues right here on fox.
1:00 pm
i'm shannon bream. hour number two of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. our team coverage of the travel alert spans the globe from rome to washington. rick reichmuth with the latest measure -- rick with the latest measures being taken in europe. steve centanni with details on what prompted the state department to issue the warnings in the first place. steve? >> europe one of the most popular destinations for americans but could be one of the most dangerous places for the time being. the state department issued this travel alert. current information suggests that al-qaeda and its affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks. european governments have taken action to guard against a terrorist attack and some have spoken publicly about the heightened threat conditions and the latest word from the white house on this today is that the president has been following the threat information on a daily basis and was informed on this travel alert throughout from the day
1:01 pm
we became aware of the latest plot the president made clear we need to do everything possible to disrupt the plot and protect the american people. that from a white house spokesman. information from a german pakistani man being held prisoner at bagram air base in afghanistan is that popular tourist destinations are targets including the eiffel tower and several targets in berlin including a train station and four star hotel. an attack like the one in mumbai is throughout to be a likely scenario. in that siege a handful of gunmen with hand grenades and powerful weapons struck tourist locations in mumbai. this travel warning unlike a british warning for france or germany does not mention any specific cities or countries triggering this criticism. >> it seem there's is an obligation on the part of the
1:02 pm
state department to try to give people more specifics to work on. otherwise people will read the travel alerts, conclude that they are all sort of meaningless and not pay attention to them when it becomes particularly important. >> now, authorities are urging americans traveling in europe to register their travel plans on the state department website. shannon? >> shannon: turn to europe where they are on high alert. the british government has alerted its folks traveling in germany and france they have to look out. check in with greg burke live in rome. hi, greg. >> hi, shannon. it is a travel alert and not a full fledged travel warning but that is enough to spook people. i was talking to people arriving in rome and they are already asking me what is the situation. the fact that they don't mention specific countries makes it even tougher because any one thinking they are going to europe is thinking they are
1:03 pm
in trouble. france is mentioned by name. a british warning and this is interesting because for a historical reason france has a lot of immigration and they have been on guard for many years now. the recent bomb scares at the eiffel tower and this warning i think added to that just because of the number of tourists who go to france each year. france is right now on its second highest alert. sweden actually is on the highest alert possible. here in italy, it is still high, hightowerism season. not as high as this -- high, high p tourism season. life seems to be going on as normal. just as the american travelers take it into account also the antiterror squads do and they will be watching these things. the specifics they did give were the subways and other transport areas, especially those in high tourism regions. a bit of a mixed bag as you travel through europe.
1:04 pm
the airports are very well watched. in rome st. peter's after 9/11 changed in their security here. but then you go to the train stations how easy and lax it appears to be what they call soft targets precisely because they are so hard to protect. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. the travel advisory is less severe than an official travel warning. how worried should americans be? dr. farris joins us to talk about it. goode to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: how big of a risk is it? >> the risk has been there since the 9/11 attacks and incidents that took place in france, netherlands, belgium and elsewhere. is a general warning. more specific information says that france is specifically targeted. the french services said their involvement in africand at incidents with al-qaeda in africa have a possibility of a projection inside france.
1:05 pm
what is new about the warning is that other european countries are covered and that means that the al-qaeda potential threat may be continental. they may be interested in striking in several cities across the continent to lodge a sort of a significant message to the the world. >> shannon: we heard al-qaeda all along in connection with the alleged plot and we are also hearing osama bin laden. is it possible that somebody at that level is involved in this. in. >> i did not really understand the story when it was pushed that bin laden is personally involved. bin laden is always briefed we assume as long as we think he is alive. always briefed about the possibilities of these attacks. was he involved tactically? i don't think so. was he calling for it to happen because he had designs to put pressure on europe? that is very possible. >> shannon: i heard a commentateor who said there were some politicians in europe playing to this thing and who were antiimmigration and some
1:06 pm
worried about terrorist threats and trying to make a political gain out of this. do you see is that way at all? >> always happens in all democracies when there is a terrorist issue the issues in government are in play. at the essence you have information and that information says that al-qaeda and jihaddists are ready or preparing to take action. i think we should focus on that rather than the political ramifications. >> shannon: how well is the u.s. doing in coordinating with intelligence counter parts in europe and going after issues like that so that everybody can be warned and be safe? >> over the past nine years we made a lot of progress. we made that progress also because of our homeland security concern that european jihaddists would be traveling to us because also the fact that we have coordinated in afghanistan at some point in africa and in iraq as well. but we need to do much more. we need to have actually a transatlantic agency that would work on both sides of the atlantic but that is a political decision.
1:07 pm
>> shannon: what can we be doing better until we get to that kind of ideal situation? >> the problem has always been at what level we should intervene. we are only intervening at the last level. take the case of abdulmutallab. he was beaming his information into technology in 2005, five years before. the problem with most democracies is we don't want to touch ideology and that area. if we don't then we will meet them at the trenches when they are close to us. >> shannon: dr.phares, great to see you. one died today in a battle with juergens in the north the other killed by a bomb yesterday in the south. no other details available at this point. this has been the deadliest year for national troops in the conflict. many countries are facing rising calls to pull out troops and do it quickly. the men in charge of the
1:08 pm
democratic and republican efforts to win and retain seats in the senate talk about their prospects on election day. julie kirtz is here in washington with the story. >> the chairs of the republican and democratic senate campaign committee predicting they will do well on november 2 but not agreeing on much else with democratic supporters rallying in washington this week as the crucial mid terms near. new jersey democrat robert menendez says democrats will maintain the majority in the senate because he believes republicans don't really care about the middle class and acknowledges democrats are likely to lose some seats in the congressional elections. >> the mid term election history of the president's party going back to the civil war means the president's party loses seats but the difference between a tsunami and losing some seats is the suggestion that they can take over the majority. that will not happen. >> so today the chair of the gop senate campaign committee predicts 12 senate seats are within his party's reach. he says this will be a wave
1:09 pm
election, lowering his earlier predictions of an election night tsunami by the gop helped by the tea party. >> this is going to be a wave election and it is going to be a referendum on the policies, the unpopular policies coming out of washington, d.c. during the last year and a half. >> one month fast walk to election day, both parties are focused on candidates with the best chances of victory of course, shifting money by the day both parties pouring big bucks into states like, west virginia, where a republican has a shot at winning the senate seat held by a democrat for 51 years. shannon? >> shannon: julie kirtz, thank you very much. new york governor and democrat david paterson said this weekend that the tea party movement is a good thing for democracy. he said the movement is bringing people who aren't interested in government back into the process. paterson is still backing democrat andrew cuomo over karl
1:10 pm
palladino in the new york governor's race. questions about the status of meg whitman's former house keeper are shaking up the former governor's race. illegal immigration was the focus of the debate between the candidates. she maintains she didn't know the employee was illegal and says she is willing to take a polygraph to prove it. joining us is kirsten powers and todd harris. great to see you both this morning. >> hi, shannon. >> good morning. >> shannon: any surprise that we would get something like this popping up in october? >> i'm not surprised at all. the fact is that meg whitman has been making serious inroads with california's latino and hispanic voting bloc and so no one should be surprised four weeks out from the election jerry brown's campaign which throughout its history in california has been known for pretty sharp elbows and pretty negative attacks no one should be surprised that they are rolling out this kind of october surprise. the fact remains that, you
1:11 pm
know, meg whitman was given a phoney driver's license and a phoney social security card by the agency through which she hired this individual. she had no idea, no way to know. when she found out that the person was in the country illegally she consulted her attorney and took the appropriate steps. i think this is going to be a distraction probably for a couple more days but then the race is going to return to its focus about the economy, education and turning california around. >> i mean kirsten, what do you think in a state in a race where immigration is such a hot topic do you think that voters will buy the explanation and she will recover? especially now that she offered to take a polygraph, does that make any difference? >> she is lucky that the economy is a major issue because that is the only way to get past something like this. if this had been a democrat the republicans would be screaming at the top of their lungs about this. the idea that for nine years she thought this woman was
1:12 pm
legal is impossible to belief frankly. and a letter sent flagging them to the fact that the social security number did not match and her husband's hand writing has been found on that after they said that they never received the letter and perhaps the made intercepted it. a lot is not adding up. you can point fingers at jerry brown's campaign if you want but this is the issue we hear about from republicans all the time and then you have a republican candidate who was using an illegal person who was unable to really discern that and we were told all the time that people are supposed to know how to do that and to avoid that and now we are supposed to have her elected to office. >> let me ask you, though, when somebody shows up with gloria allred folks have a healthy dose of skepticism. is that going to help or hurt? >> i think it will help meg whitman's case because everyone knows that gloria allred is an attorney on the far fringe left
1:13 pm
who chases the headlines and will do and say anything she needs to to get a tv camera put in front of h her. i think people will dismiss this for what it is which is a last minute pretty desperate attack. >> we will give you the last word there but you guys are going to stick around and we will let kirsten start off next time because we have another topic to discuss with you if you will stick around. president obama's economic plan is reportedly a success but the report is coming from vice president joe biden. opponents are speaking out putting the stimulus and tarp in the spot light, once again. >> months before the end of the stimulus program and days before the end of tarp the white house has praise for both. >> the sim stimulus has created jobs and economic growth. >> the report indicates the white house met its goal of spending 70% of the money in the first 18 months and waste and fraud has been a small fraction of the usual 5% for
1:14 pm
government projects. mcconnell shrugged offg video the report. foster doesn'tfoss ferraro believe that we have gotten our money's worth. >> i don't think that is a good thing. the economy, unemployment near 10% and growth at 1% or so it hasn't worked. >> the white house says the stimulus bill was never intercept to fill the employment hole left by the deepest recession in generations but they are unable to predict when the private sector will be strong enough to do so. the report aimed to say congress should move immediately to cancel unspent stimulus funds. house republican leader john boehner says that is $400 million or $500 million. the white house says all about $18 billion is not under
1:15 pm
contract. meanwhile the unpopular bailouts of wall street firms and two of the big automakers will likely cost taxpayers just a fraction of what the white house feared it would. >> what we estimated tarp would cost last august we are at roughly one tenth of the cost today. and i will take a minute to brag, this is not an accident. >> conservatives object to the way the auto companies particularly chrysler were bailed out. >> they didn't bail out the share holders. they were largely wiped out. they didn't bail out the bond holders. the bailout was for the uaw workers and their pensions. even ford was nervous about the prospect of gm and chrysler going under since that would have taken down thousands of independent parts suppliers. officials here admit on the stimulus bill and the bailout they didn't get their message out in the way that americans
1:16 pm
wanted to hear it. at the white house, wendell goler, fox news. >> shannon: a senate race in kentucky is proving to be one of the hottest races to watch. chris wallace talked to both men this morning. that's next. tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain. ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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1:19 pm
where does the money come from? jack acts like the money is for free, just go and get it from santa claus in washington. >> one of us is being more specific on jobs. i'm proposing a hometown tax credit. a 20% tax credit for the cost of creating a new job. i think it is important for americans that our government is not just growing but that we are providing the incentives for the private sector to grow us out of the recession. >> shannon: with 30 days left until the mid term elections we are watching a highly contested senate race in kentucky where the tea party has been a factor. republican candidate rand paul endorsed by the tea party leader sarah palin. an eye surgeon and the son of congressman ron paul. paul is facing democrat jack conway for the senate seat. he is the current attorney general. a job he has held since 2007. in 2002 he did campaign for a kentucky house seat and narrowly lost. this is shaping up to be a close one. paul is leading con way 49% to
1:20 pm
42. chris wallace sat down with both candidates today and i caught up with chris. chris work the mi. with the mid terms just a few weeks away, an important and interesting debate. you asked one candidate whether he flipped on, this the bush tax cuts. >> chris: that's right. first of all, let me set the scene here. jack conway the attorney general of kentucky, ran to win nomination. conway only a few months ago said that he would let the majority of the bush tax cuts expire. that has become a some what difficult political position as you have seen a lot of moderate democrats say they would like to extend them temporarily and also as the economy has gotten worse and he has changed his position and now wants to extend all of the bush tax cuts at least for awhile.
1:21 pm
>> shannon: and you asked them about the national debt and spending and the backlash against as it continues to spend and spend taxpayers' money. you said i want to hear specifics about where you would cut in the area of entitlements and other government programs. how did they respond? >> chris: we got a little bit from rand paul. the debt and deficits and spending is a big issue. he made it clear i'm not talking about people either retired or close to retirement. maybe people 55 and younger but he said we are going to have to consider raising the retirement age and consider changing eligibility, benefits. for jack conway you didn't get much of that. he talked about negotiating for medicare, bulk rates for prescription drugs and waste, fraud and abuse, that favorite of politicians. he didn't the best i can
1:22 pm
remember talk about a single cake either in benefits or taxes or eligibility with regard to entitlement. >> shannon: and you asked the attorney general as well about where he stands in lining up with the president's policies and whether he would be to the left of president obama if he made it here to capitol hill. >> chris: absolutely not is what he said. the fact is two points. one, he has supported the vast majority of the obama agenda, jock conway has. he said he would have voted for the stimulus. he said that he wouldn't have voted for tarp but he in fact at the time with some conditions he said he would. he supports obama healthcare. and he is also -- had signed on to the pledges of both move and the liberal website daily coast where he has taken positions that he favors repeal of don't ask don't tell and said he is open to the idea of the government run healthcare, the so-called public option. so he has actually taken some positions to the left of where president obama is right now.
1:23 pm
>> shannon: and on the other side of the aisle, by the same token you asked rand paul about somebody who has been aligned with the tea party and conservative movement whether he would be to the right of some of the establishment republicans here in capitol hill. >> chris: he wouldn't play along with that. i don't think either one, you know, elections are more to the center so they both wanted to move to that direction. he has waffled on the issue of whether or not he would support mitch mcconnell next year as the republican leader whether he is the majority or minority leader. what is particularly interesting mitch mcconnell is the senator from kentucky and he of whatled on whether -- waffled on whether or not he would support, kentucky's senator to be the top leader in the senate. today no waffling. he said yes, he would support mcconnell. >> shannon: thank you chris. safe travels to you.
1:24 pm
>> chris: ing thank you so much. >> shannon: the full debate is up on "fox news sunday." the exclusive debate airs at 2:00 and 6:00 eastern right here on the fox news channel. america's electionrica's news headquarters. keep it here for the latest political news. coming up tomorrow, bret baier will moderate a senate debate between lyndon mcman and richard blumenthal. both debates will air on local fox affiliates but you can check them out live on fox it was a mystery that saddened and captivated a nation. who killed jonbenet ramsey. police are now actively working with cold case. we have details in a live report, next.
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
1:27 pm
>> shannon: the state department is warning americans traveling in europe to be on alert. julie kirtz is standing by with that and your other top stories. hi, julie. >> the state department issued a travel alert. u.s. and european security experts have been concerned for days that terrorists may be plotting attacks there. the alert didn't specify a country but says public transportation and other tourism spots could be targets. in just a few hours, rutgers university will hold a man whoor the fresh mapp who jumped off a bridge killing himself after a sexual encounter he had in his dorm
1:28 pm
room was broadcast online. his roommate and another student are charged with invasion of privacy. many of the supreme court justices attended the 57th annual red mass in washington. red mass is celebrated on the sunday before the court's term begins. rand paul who is running for kentucky's open senate seat says the age of eligibility for social security and medicare may need to be raised for future recipients. paul faced off against his democratic opponent in is debate on "fox news sunday." those are the top stories right now. >> thank ups, julie. california's first spanish language television debate turned into an angry exchange when republican meg whitman and democrat jerry brown accused each other of deception regarding whitman's alleged illegal house keeper. casey stegall with more. >> serious damage control now going on after the allegations came to light that meg whitman
1:29 pm
allegedly hired an illegal immigrant and employed her for nine years as her house keeper. so, what is being done to fight back? well, the gop governo candidate increased her campaign adds by 50% last week. reaching out to 20% of the registered voters in the state. the former ebay ceo denied the allegations saying she hired the house keeper through an agency who was supposed to check its employees backgrounds. she has even accused her democratic challenger former california governor jerry brown of digging this up in a last minute smear campaign. the gloves came off at yesterday's debate when the controversial issue came up. >> it as real tragedy here is nicki. after november 2 no one is going be watching out nor nicki diaz and jerry you should be
1:30 pm
ashamed. you and your surrogates put her deportation at risk. you put her out there and you should be ashamed for sacrificing nicky diaz on the altar of your political ambitions. >> you are the one who says hey, everyone has got to be accountable, this is a terrible thing, we have all these millions of people but you don't want to pass the citizenship. let's be sympathetic and really empathize with the millions of people that are in the shadows. >> all right. so still too early to tell how this could affect whitman's campaign. she already spent about $119 million of her own money and it has been a pretty tight race so far. the latest field poll shows whitman and brown in a practical dead heat but the latest real clear politics average shows brown ahead by only a few points. so no doubt this is going be very interesting to see how it all plays out as election day draws near. shannon? >> shannon: it certainly will. casey stegall.
1:31 pm
thank you for the update. >> got it. >> shannon: flood waters now reseeding in windsor, north carolina. local officials declared a state of emergency friday after ten inches of rain put 80% of the town's business district underwater. a lot of folks could only get around by boat. and check out these folks. animals, buffalos from the town's mini zoo had to scramble there for higher ground. more rain is on the way again for the northeast and chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking it for us from the fox weather center. hi, rick. >> not just rain but much cooler air. last week we had it'ditis 80s d 49ers. 90s. 50 temps here around 10 to 15 degrees below where you typically are for this time of year. especially the rockies 25 degrees above where you should be this time of year.
1:32 pm
areas utah northward. the temps will drop this week a little bit as the system pulls in. you were shaying, shannon, this is the next system we are watching and it will develop across the waters and pull a lot more moisture in across area of the northeast. not the kind of rain we saw last week so it will not add on to the flooding problems. you will need your umbrella midss areas from the mitt atlantic and ohio valley and the northeast. kind of a nuisance rain. the system pulling in is going to get stalled across the four corners into nevada and idaho and wyoming. scattered showers from time to time and that also means a chance for thunderstorms that could be causing some fires. here is the high temperatures today. you see all the cooler temps across area of the east. cooling down to 99 phoenix. 70 l.a. which is certainly an improvement. and this is what we are talking about for the next couple of days. this is the storm monday into tuesday into the northeast and
1:33 pm
area like d.c. hanging on and the cold air looks like it will continue to pull down as well. shannon, it is fall finally, how is that? >> shannon: i like it. thank you very much, rick. >> you bet. >> shannon: one of the most colorful figures in the obama white house chief of staff rahm emanuel left his post to make a bid for mayor of chicago. replacing him is obama confidante ralph. we head back with our panel kirsten power and todd harris. welcome back both. >> hi, shannon. >> kirsten, let's start with you. people say rahm has been the man besigned the scenes, getting things done at the white house. how much influence could you think he has had? >> he has had a lot of influence. part of it is the position and, of course, the personality. when you have someone with the personality he has and has the contacts he has. he has an unusual amount of influence that he brought to that job and also his
1:34 pm
experience working on the hill, having worked in the white house before made him a formidable person to deal with. >> shannon: a plus or a minus for the white house now that rahm is walking away? >> probably a mixed bag. as far as the mid term elections go i don't think it will have all that much of an impact because the message for each party has really already been set. you know, rahm was known in washington or is known as a bit of a bomb thrower and someone who encouraged the president to take advantage of economic crisis in order to move the country more to the left. so i think if a more bipartisan tone can emerge from a post rahm white house post mid term election white house i think that is probably good for everybody. >> shannon: kirsten, do you think that is possible? is that how this is going to play out with pete ralph now at least in the interim in that spot? >> i'm not sure what is going to happen but i want to address
1:35 pm
what todd just said. i think the republicans try to use rahm emanuel as somebody to sort of demonize i think in a lot of ways and i don't think it is accurate to say he pulled the president to the left. it was really his wish that the president wouldn't have done some of the things that he did. he was one of the people that was advocating against having a much more narrow healthcare plan, for example. the reality is rahm emanuel is despided by the left. they will have somebody very pragmatic and trying to encourage him into not doing the things. pete rouse has been with him for a long time and falls more into the category than rahm emanuel did. >> what is your impression of pete rouse and what kind of impact he will have? >> i never met him before so it is tough to say. the one thing that is going to be critical for the white
1:36 pm
house, the chief of staff sets the operational tone for the entire administration and right now they have an interim chief of staff which means itls it we difficult for it him to set long-term goals on long-term internal operational agenda because the staff around him and in the white house has no idea if this guy is going to be around tomorrow or the next day. so i think that critically they going to have to make a decision one way or the other either to stick through with pete rouse until 2012 or to quickly find someone who will be there on a more permanent basis. >> shannon: any time you have a high profile person like this leave especially on the heels of other big names leaving there is speculation about why folks are leaving the administration. is there too much focus on that? is it just part of the natural time span and timeline of being in the white house that it is not something that you can do forever? >> it is completely natural. i would argue for people who
1:37 pm
stay for a long time it is very wearing on you and to sta sustn that type of lifestyle for more than a couple of years takes a real toll on people. there are some people who stay for the duration. it has an emotional toll on the family and a physical toll after awhile and i think it is good to get fresh blood in frankly midway through because the president is going to have who shift his focus coming off of the mid term elections. this could all be positive. >> shannon: thank you both for joining us to talk politics today. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: in louisiana the plaquemines parish billy won his rehe is election bid this weekend. he criticized bp and the federal government for their cleanup efforts. he got 71% of the vote. >> shannon: police are conducting a new round of interviews in the 1996 murder
1:38 pm
of jonbenet ramsey after a committee of investigators reviewed evidence in the case that left the little girl bludgeon the and strangled in her family's basement. this case may be coming back to life. >> burke ramsey was nine years old. he is 23 now and according to a ramsey family attorney, boulder, colorado police have now met with burke but he has not yet been interviewed. the family attorney according to reports lynn wood says he is sure the meeting has nothing to do with a new version of burke or his dad john. he thinks instead they got a tip indicating jonbenet's brother could give them new information about his little sister's killer. he was cleared as a suspect back in 1999 and the rest of the family was cleared in 2008, two years after burke and jonbenet's mom patsy died of cancer.
1:39 pm
the boulder police are reaching out to new contacts now because they took the lead in the investigation back from the district attorney office last year. they will not give us any information about who they may or may not have contacted or any new leads but the burke ramsey meeting comes after an advisory meeting put together by boulder p.d. reviewed all the evidence last year and suggested new people to talk to who might have important information about the case. that group had about 20 people including veteran investigators from a variety of state and federal agencies who are obviously working hard to try to bring jonbenet's killer to justice after all this time. and shannon, jonbenet ramsey would have been 20 years old this year if she was still alive. back to you. >> thank you very much for the update. >> thanks. >> shannon: the race for kentucky's u.s. senate seat is heating up. tea party favorite rand paul and his democratic opponent goes toe to toe on their first ever televised debate. that's next. ñ÷4n
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
>> the race for new york governor. the tea party favorite started a firestorm when suggested his democratic opponent andrew cuomo may have had affairs when was married. pal dough knopalladino admittet have proof and this morning he said it is time to get back to
1:43 pm
the issues. all right. a little trouble with that sound byte but you got the bottom line he wants to take it off the percent until and back to the issues. meg whitman and jerry brown debated and immigration was the hot topic with whitman accusing her rival of orchestrating the scandal of her former house keeper nicki diaz who worked illegally. a little more technical issue there. that is the hot issue between those two. from california to kentucky. democrat jack conway and rand paul. mike tobin is live in louisville with all the details. hi, mike. >> rand paul was quiet behind the scenes but went on the defensive as soon as the debate
1:44 pm
got started. jabbing his opponent over ties to the obama administration and a lag in the polls. >> we are waiting for him to catch up in the polls and then may revert to him more. what he needs to do is he needs to either defend his president or run away. so far he is running away from president obama and the agenda. >> and as they have throughout the entire campaign. paul emphasized national issues. conway kept it local. >> there is a real clear choice in the race. a real clear choice between someone who has taken on the drug issue and someone who says drugs aren't a pressing issue. someone who stands up to criminals and someone who says that nonviolent behavior shouldn't be a crime. >> most of the post debate paid to a comment made by rand paul in which he said the eligibility age for social security benefits needs to be receiving for those reeving
1:45 pm
benefits but for younger people who may be retiring in the future. is system is stressed and it has problems with money. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: folks who want to watch the the full debate, you can do that on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace in about 15 minutes at 2:00 p.m. and again at 6:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox news. in the wake of a shooting at a texas university the state's governor wants to lift a ban on concealed weapons on campus. the debate over second amendment rights is going far beyond the lonestar state. we'll explore the case, right after the break.
1:46 pm
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1:48 pm
>> shannon: here are some of the top stories we are following this hour on america's news headquarters.
1:49 pm
tomorrow marks the beginning of a new term for the supreme court. today many of the justices attended the 57th annual red mass. a mass traditionally celebrated the sunday before the term opens. the court will hear arguments in a privacy case against nasa involving background checks. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad called for u.s. leaders to be buried in response to a military attack against their nuclear program. he questioned who is responsible for 9/11 saying the attacks gave america a pretext against the mid east. the sunday funny letts be printed in shades of pink ink on october 10th in suspects stu port of breast cancer are awareness month. the pink strips will run in newspapers nationwide and also online. the uss virginia sub marine is being repaired after shedding some of its stealth coating. it is supposed to absorb sonar
1:50 pm
signals. the navy insists it never lost enough material to rise to that level and it moved aggressively to fix the problem on other submarines. those are the top stories for right now. >> shannon: well, south carolina foody is more interested in becoming top senator than top chef. natalie dupree will challenge jim demint and alvin green as a writin candidate. she calls herself a moderate republican and says she is running because demint didn't secure money she believes is needed to help the state's economy. >> shannon: the supreme court issued a key ruling that impacted gun laws across the country. this week in the wake of a shooting at the campus at the university of texas the governor said it is time to lift a ban on concealed weapons on campus. a debate for the keith larson show in charlotte. always a pleasure to have you, hi keith. >> shannon, how are you doing? >> shannon: i'm doing great.
1:51 pm
>> shannon: your listeners. you had a conversation about this this week. how do they feel about this issue and the concealed ban and having guns on campus? >> i tell you what, this is a debate that i think is actually increasing around the country and you mentioned the chicago gun case. i talked a few times with mr. otis mcdonald who was the plaintiff in the case. and his proposition was simple. why shouldn't the bad guys have to be afraid when they decide to break into somebody's house or commit a violent act against someone. even though crime rates generally are lower, more and more people say they feel insecure or less safe in their own person and every week you have incidents like this week in texas, the incident that ut and now governor perry says should be allowed to carry on campus. this charlotte, three thugs into a pizza hut and commit an armed robbery and a deliveryman who is a concealed licensed
1:52 pm
carrier kills two of the robbers and saves lives. we went to the listeners this week and said okay, if more so called responsible people could have and carry weapons would we be safer and would there be less crime. in that is the question we asked. >> the key with concealed carry is you have to carry as though you are not carrying. in other words, if you can back out of a situation, diffuse it, get away from it, you know, the weapon is an absolute last resort. you don't put yourself into a situation because you are carrying. >> keith, thanks for taking my call. i agree with the earlier caller that more law abiding citizens should be able to carry a gun. i would like to take it a step further and say that the law should not punish people who fire in self-defense. >> shannon: you know, you mentioned that situation in pizza hut this week in north carolina. you would think that gets a lot of people emotionally stirred up but it sounds like they were having a logical conversation
1:53 pm
about this. >> well, yeah, they were. actually, it is interesting. this is being framed today not strictly as the second amendment gun rights kind of issue but it actually has to do with life and defense of yourself. if we have an inalienable light to our life and liberty as the declaration of independence says it only makes natural common sense you should have the right to be able to defend that life as well. >> shannon: we have to have a quick chat about your friend alvin green running against jim demint for the u.s. senate and now not only dupree weighing in. how do you think alvin will receive the news that there is another hurdle in the way in washington. >> he probably likes her jumping in the race in a way because she is attacking jim demint. she said she wants to cook his goose. higshe is a big chef in charlt. she wants to cook his goose and bring home the bacon. this is the era of the the tea
1:54 pm
party. she is a moderate republican and she says she wants to bring home the bacon. >> shannon: all the food tiein. if she is out there cooking on the trail it might by a few votes. >> the race gets curiouser and curiouser as we get closer to november. >> shannon: great to see you. forget just finding an old friend on facebook. we will tell you about a stunning cyber reunion made possible by the social networking site. stick around. you're watching america's news headquarters. ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started.
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>> shannon: secretary of state hillary clinton and treasury secretary tim geithner teamed up to make an announcement a new kind of sanction against iran in an attempt to stop human rights violations. steve centanni has details from washington. >> secretary of state hillary clinton and treasury secretary timothy geithner appeared to announce new sanctions against iran. the u.s. action stems from a police crackdown following the iranian election in june of last year. hundreds of protesters alleging massive election fraud were arrested and at least 30 were killed. since then, secretary clinton notes a steady deterioration on human rights in iran. ianunder their command, iran
1:58 pm
citizens arbitrarily arrested, beaten, tortured, raped, blackmailed and killed yet the iranian government has ignored calls to end the abuses. clinton says these are the first sinces placed on iran for human rights violations. they target 8 individuals, restricting their travel and freezing any assets they have in the u.s. even though none of them has substantial savings for investments here. >> we have found when we single out individuals and expos their conduct banks, businesses, and governments around the world respond by cutting off their economic and financial dealings with these individuals, these institutions, these businesses. >> and there was this from one of capitol hill's foreign policy hawks -- >> we will prevent iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability.
1:59 pm
period. by peaceful means if we possibly can. but with military force if we absolutely must. >> lieberman appears to be turning up the heat by placing a renewed emphasis on the possibility of military action to deal with iran's nuclear ambitions. at the pentagon, steve centanni, fox news. >> shannon: turns out social networking is good for more than just keeping in touch with friends. it can also reunite broken families. a man met his daughter for the first time after separating from the woman's mother after she was born. >> awesome. it's wonderful. she looks just like me. >> isn't she beautiful? >> she gorgeous. she's always what i -- she is what i always expected she would be like. >> congratulations to them. that is it for us here in washington. "fox news sunday" is next with


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